Climate Solutions

What is your vision of the future?

Humanity, thriving in community, is always evolving—transitioning toward better lives. What does that mean to you? What are you grateful for, what brings you joy, what would you like to let go?
How will you contribute to an independent, resilient, and secure future, in which we have addressed the enormous global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss?

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What's your vision of the future? Explore the impact of choices about electricity, transportation, land use, buildings, and materials on greenhouse gas emissions.

Teaching Resources

The Design Our Climate simulation (DOCs) invites you to explore the many possible choices. It divides the overwhelming challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions into smaller, accessible solutions we can implement with our communities, using currently available technology and meaningful improvements in lifestyles.
Imagine your community throughout the next decade—what would you like to see? Use DOCs to design the future for our global human community, explore the impact different activities have on greenhouse gas emissions, and develop your vision so that it reaches the climate resilient pathway. This pathway, when achieved with consideration of all life on Earth, offers the lowest need for adaptation to our changing local climates, and thus the best possible living conditions.

The Design Our Climate simulation (DOCs) engages you in an interactive exploration of how much of a difference we can make through informed choices about electricity, transportation, land use, buildings, and materials.

Click Launch, and join the conversation - with yourself, with your friends, with your elected representatives. Find out what combination of achievable steps we can collectively take toward climate resilience, keeping the increase in global average surface temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution.

Each one of us is needed, and can be part of the solution.

Accessible Solutions Project

DOCs is a peer-reviewed simulation developed by a team of undergraduate students and chemistry and physics faculty at The King's Centre for Visualization in Science, with funding support from Energy Efficiency Alberta, under the project Accessible Solutions: Visualizing Energy Choices and Climate Implications Embedded in Alberta Narratives. This project was supported by partnerships with the Alberta Council for Environmental Education, Energy Futures Lab, People for Energy and Environmental Literacy, and Student Energy.

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